Small red & grey “coral” dish.

Welcome to my site.

My fused glass pieces are created in the heat of the kiln. Pieces of cold glass are first scored & then run to break out the desired shapes, using simple hand tools & ancient techniques. These pieces are then layered up in a kiln and heated to between 750°C – 850ºC, where they fuse together. Each firing takes approximately 24 hours & items often need multiple firings, allowing them to be slumped into  3D shapes such as dishes or to create more complex pieces. Opening the kiln is always an anxious, but rewarding moment, hoping the glass has behaved itself! Each piece is hand made and some contain many individually cut & shaped pieces of glass (the guitar clock has 70!).

The items shown here are not currently available to buy online, however feel free to email me at the address below for information or commissions.